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BTOB`s Eunkwang Bid Goodbye to Fans with a Handwritten Letter

BTOB`s Eunkwang Bid Goodbye to Fans with a Handwritten Letter


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Seo Eunkwang bid goodbye to fans before his enlistment later today.

On August 21st, the leader of BTOB took to his Instagram and posted a photo of a handwritten letter he wrote to fans. He also posted a selfie of his recent appearance. In the caption, he wrote, "I will be back safely! Everyone, promise me one thing. Please be healthy and live happy until the time we meet again! Promise me!!! My people. I really love you and always thank you all."

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Eunkwang wrote in the letter,

"I want to thank MELODIES for giving me and BTOB the love as big as the size of the universe, for providing me with the happiness, gratitude, the passion to keep me going, a reason to sing, a drive for living, and the support that helps me pick myself up in the worst of times. I hope you get to experience and feel the same emotions, and I pray that we continue to be each other's support system as we value one another greatly.

In exactly 14 hours, I will be in the army! I shaved my head LOL. I used to shave my head in elementary and middle school days, but it feels so fresh to have it shaved again in 10 years. Good for the hot weather, too! I highly recommend you to do this. For his fellow BTOB members, Eunkwang wrote, "Minhyuk, our 2nd-era leader, I ask you to take care of our brothers well. Everyone is so cool, so I don't really have to worry but...you need to take care for the sake of our Melodies.

Oh, I miss everyone! My BTOB members and MELODIES. We had a concert a few days ago. Let's remember beautiful memories like this, memories that we have these 7 years while waiting the moment we will meet again!! I thank you and love you so much!! I LOVE YOU, MELODY! FOREVER!"

We wish you all the very best, Eunkwang!

Source: [Youtube] 1theK (원더케이) & [Instagram] btob_silver_light

Thumbnail Credit: 오교이, Instagram '@btob_silver_light'

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